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SORBS is absolutely nothing but a rip-off. They want you to pay back revenue to be delisted when they are the types who checklist you in the initially place.

Right after you shell out them they will just record you more than and over all over again. No shopper support and their internet site sucks ass. We have taken their filters off of our mail servers and I would motivate every person to do the same. Spamhaus is considerably a lot more reliable and much easier to deal with and they are not a bunch of conartists like the people at SORBS. Something fascinating – It looks Michael has been selling pirated program off an world-wide-web relationship presented by a university……Seems to be authentic.

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With any luck, SORBS will not obtain internet hosting and will be shut down, even though it would seem that this is purely a fiscal thing on MSullivan’s portion. Even now, in which there is one particular there are a dozen I’ve encountered one more pretty irritating blacklist currently – UCEPROTECT – so I’ll just hope the exact point occurs to them, but it would seem like typically server admins nonetheless really don’t have an understanding of that DNSBLs are advisory in nature and ought to not be made use of as sole determinants as to no matter whether or not a unique message is respectable. SORBS IS CLOSING DOWN!SORBS is out of control. They have a block of addresses shown as dynamic that my upstream service provider allotted to me.

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They are the only listing assistance blocking this block. It has been over a 7 days making an attempt to get delisted.

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What a joke. The only very good matter is that quite couple of mail servers use these joker’s support. Now I see why. If you can. drop SORBS from your filtering.

So what is my IP address and DNS

They are undertaking a lot more hurt than superior. i obtained stated trigger some mother fucker made the decision to use my ip tackle in helo request. What the fuck? where did they (SORBS) arrive arrive from? Just about any dumber fucker is in a position to make dnsbl solutions now times. i hope this person he dies in some shit hole. 2009 and SORBS still sucks.

They are blocking Network Methods now! The largest and first domain provider. This guy’s arrogance appreciates no boundaries. Our corporation blocked together with tens of millions of other customers since One particular purchaser despatched out spam from the exact ip tackle shared by tens of millions. He will grow to be a nonperson above time, right up until then, I educate folks to make their ISP quit employing SORBS or swap to an ISP who does not use SORBS and let your ISP know why they are dropping your business enterprise.

We have to strike them in the pocket reserve and it will at some point trickle down to this arrogant SOB becoming no more time utilized by any person. Yeah you can convey to he is sorbs! are unable to even spell… lame ass. You have been crying about for 4 yrs. There is noting you can do pay out the $fifty or bitc some much more and get it will acquire you extended to get off the listing if we ever desite to consider you off at all. My Subsequent Mercedes-Benz Is On You Suckers. Guys we have to have to get them banned from working with sourceforge! that really should be pissing them off at minimum – also we obtained five much more names included right here. I concur and they seriously sucks. If any person is using SORBS then remove it from the listing it is a useless databases. All other blacklistings are reasonably great and the ideal one particular is spamcop their treatments are normal and they fair amount of warnings right before delisting your IP handle that will save a lot of inconvenience. Just payed the bastards, i hope this is an easy way out. r

Just isn’t there a way to halt SORBS.

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